ICAS Australian Mathematics Competition

It is with much regret that the Mathematics Department could not

It is with much regret that the Mathematics Faculty could not operate this important competition this year.

The supervision requirements unfortunately meant that we could not guarantee the integrity of the task at all times. We look forward to seeing all participants next year.


Year 8

There is a short clip from one of our Year 8 students Billie-Rose reciting pi π to over 100 digits!

Not contend with just any recitation, coming from a performing art/musical background, Billie-Rose truly turned it into a performance.

Billie Rose Reciting pi

“I’ve always loved numbers and tend to count pretty much everything. 

I was introduced to Pi in year 5 and found the endless list of numbers fascinating, so I thought it would be fun to learn some of them. I think I managed 50 numbers during year 6. I learn a few numbers at a time, remembering the sequence as a rhythm and only adding numbers when I could do them perfectly.

My main passion is singing so when I found a Pi song on you tube it made the learning a lot quicker and easier to remember. What next? The periodic table song!”



Year 12

Despite final assessments being deferred and uncertainty for Year 12, students have continued to be very focused on learning and have finished all senior courses.

The remaining time will be spent on going through topics which we have identified as weakness. Teacher have been hard at work delivery engaging and interactive lessons online for our senior classes.




Year 7

Our Year 7s have been hard at work learning about 2D and 2D shapes.

Antonio has demonstrated a connection between Mathematics and Visual Arts by constructing perspective drawings of the three-dimensional shapes. He has stated that he has learnt about the effects of the ‘vanishing point’ in these types of drawings.

The Year 7 “weekly review” is an important component which student should complete every week with the aim of reviewing previous concepts from earlier in the year.

Chiara has included the annotations to help develop a better understanding of the skills and concepts that she had experienced some difficulties with. By completing this review and through further revision of her notes, Chiara will have an improved her chances of completing her next revision set successfully.