English – Online Learning – It’s Been Busy!

Year 7

This term, Year 7 English have been immersed in the worlds of ‘The Great Escape’ and ‘Chicken Run’ as part of their film study unit. They have studied the ways in which old texts can become new and even created some brilliant adaptations of their own! Towards the end of term, students were given a brief to undergo their own ‘Great Escape’. Here, they needed to emulate a chosen scene or scenes from the iconic original film during lockdown, using theme music to create an ‘escape’ mood. Teachers have since discovered some budding filmmakers in the Year 7 ranks and we thoroughly enjoyed watching each and every one of these films.

We are so incredibly proud of all the work our Year 7 troops have put in this term. Enjoy your well-deserved break!


Year 8

Term 3, Year 8 students learnt about Shakespeare’s world, Elizabethan beliefs and studied the romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream. For their assessment, Year 8 students were challenged to create an exciting new game based on their study to pitch to Mr. Shakespeare and his team. Thank you to all the parents, siblings and pets who have featured in the kids’ games. So much fun to watch all the different families interacting with each other! Here are a couple of their samples:


Year 10

Throughout Term 3, Year 10 English students learnt about auteurs, film directors who have a very particular style and leave their subjective stamp on all of their filmic works. Classes studied two films to learn what these stylistic features were and then how to replicate them themselves. For their assessment, students were challenged to create their own 1-2 minute video in the style of their directors, whether it be Burton, Luhrmann, Nolan, Shyamalan or Waititi.Thankyou to all the parents, siblings and pets who have featured in the wonderful short films. They were so much fun to watch, with all of the different family members interacting with each other and doing their best in lockdown to reproduce the art of an auteur! It seems there are some budding auteurs out there amongst us… Here are some of their films: