Drama – Engaging Online

Year 9

In Term 3 year 9 students studied a play called Cyberbile by Alana Valentine as a piece of verbatim Theatre. Students had to read the play, improvise moments from the play on zoom and in breakout rooms, prepare a performance piece based on the themes or scenes from the play and create a publicity poster using the platform CANVA.com

As a prelude to studying the play Cyberbile by Alana Valentine, students created a story board from the chosen words in connection with the online world

Below are googleclass instructions for the task:
1. Take some pictures (with yourself, someone in your family) showing your understanding from any of the following words. ( between 4-6 frames) and film them on your device.

The words:
post, snap, screenshot, unfriend, refresh, feed, hashtag, bystander, sharing, target, support, witness, resend cyberbullying, catfishing.

2. Now, arrange images in some sort of storyboard order, so that they begin to tell a ‘visual story’. labelled 1-6.
Write up a series of short monologues that can go with each image, they should be no longer than 5 lines each.
You can either swap the images  with a member from the class so they write the monologue from your images Or do your own.
Practice and film one of the monologues created and post it if you feel comfortable, or just send the script.

Below is a sampls that was created by Max: Max Story board


Year 11

This term year 11 Drama studied issue-based theatre and three ‘revolutionary’ and influential theatre practitioners of the 20th Century who believed that theatre could be used to explore complex ideas and world events on stage. These practitoners were Bertolt Brecht, Augusto Boal, and Dario Fo. Theatre they believed, could be used as a political tool to bring about social awareness and change.

Goals: By the end of the unit, students will be able to successfully understand and use the conventions and techniques used by these three practitioners and successfully incorporate them in the playbuilding process. As we are in lockdown, students should be prepared to perform in a ‘live’ zoom performance session.

Success Criteria: Student will perform a 5-8 minute piece based on their researched issue and understanding of the practitioners studied in the playbuilding performance.

Below is the last 4 minutes of a playbuilt piece based on the issue of the climate change and environmentalism performed ‘live’ using zoom by Brooke, Zoe Fawer and Sarah Sheldon.


Issues of Climate Change By: Brooke, Zoe & Sarah