Year 7 – Celebrating Success and Reinforcing Respect

All cohorts have enjoyed year group meetings in which certificates, accolades and other final messages were shared. Last Friday, Year 7 gathered in the Library and Year Advisors Ms McEntyre and Mr Sassine looked at the all important quality of respect. In these middle school years students can be challenged by the complexities of negotiating peer dynamics. Providing a foundation for understanding and applying values is central to students growing into fine young adults.

To give some idea of how it was seen from a students point of view, please read the report below from Kye-Lloyd Jones:

We watched our Year 7 Camp video, reflected on our behaviour, and gained further understanding about our relationships within the grade. A group of Year 10 students addressed us about the consequences of bullying. They showed us a very moving video about the harm words can do to each other. Ms Mac and Mr Sassine then handed out awards to students from all classes. These awards acknowledged academic excellence as well as behaviour. With the hot weather, we were rewarded with yummy ice blocks.

Some of the messages were aligned with White Ribbon values. Kirrawee High’s video has been featured on the Youth Leadership page of the Australia wide White Ribbon website.

White Ribbon Kirrawee Feature