Year 12 Relay for Life

Now a tradition, Year 12 once again rolled up in large numbers to pass on a baton of hope, resilience and camaraderie as they ran, walked and almost crawled for 24 hours straight! It is an uplifting event in which people come together as one voice of support and defiance: as a community we will beat the scourge of cancer and stand shoulder to shoulder with those who battle this terrible disease.

On the edge of Wanda Beach, the location provided a marvellous vista and environment for the ever more arduous trek around the track. With bands playing, trivia, dance (thank you Ettingshausen’s), ample eateries, and special moments, it is nothing short of a carnivale. We could not have been more proud of over 50 Year 12 students and staff who dedicated hours to the cause, many over a chilly night. Their company was stimulating, fun, reflective and with an unfailing spirit of youth and hope. These efforts in raising over 5000, along with other charities selected by Year 12, ensure this cohort will graduate at the end of Term 3 having brought great credit upon themselves.  It was also wonderful to catch up with many past year 12 students who stopped in to say hello, reminiscing about fond memories of their time at Kirrawee High School.

Thank you too Ms Kenehan and Ms Botros who organised our participation this year and stayed the distance to keep company with our students. They are stalwarts and it was obvious how much they cared for these students. Thank you also to Mr Owens, Ms Farmer, Mrs Blanch, Ms Falconer and Mr Sassine for spending time at the Relay over the weekend. A special acknowledgement is extended to Mr Brook for carting and setting up tents and tables to keep everyone covered and well fed.

We also remember our students and parents/carers who have fought cancer and the legacy of fortitude and courage they have shared in our large community. We look forward to the next cohort carrying on this tradition in 2020.