Yarning Circle

Today our school captain Kirralee Smith and our senior Indigenous leader Tegan Avery were able to meet with academic Stacey Coates, a proud Wiradjuri woman.

Ms Coates is part of the team from CAIK, Centre for the Advancement of Indigenous Acknowledgement at UTS and has worked as a primary school teacher at Sutherland North primary. She is currently working on her thesis and as the theme for NAIDOC 2019 VOICE TREATY TRUTH it was wonderful for our kids to have a yarn with Stacey. She has promised to come back next term and is looking forward to meeting with the rest of our Yarning Circle.

Thank you to our school psychologist Mrs Tommasina Owens for introducing Ms Coates to us and for her passionate support of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

To celebrate NAIDOC this year the Australian Mint has issued a new 50 cents coin, featuring 14 Aboriginal words for “money” from languages across Australia.

Traditionally, “money” was not an Aboriginal word at all because pearl shells, quartz or food was used for trading. The new 50 cents coin is a great example to challenge a common myth:Many believe that there is a single Aboriginal culture, revealed when someone is asking for “the Aboriginal word” for something. Our local custodians of the land on which we meet at Kirrawee High were the Gweagal people, a Dharawal speaking tribe.