White Ribbon ‘Stop Lesson’ with Year 9

Mutual Respect & Wellbeing for Team 2022

Our senior White Ribbon student ambassadors ventured into Year 9 classes this afternoon to lead open forums surrounding mutual respect and wellbeing in the Year 9 cohort. This is the second time KHS White Ribbon Ambassadors have led a ‘Stop Lesson’ in 2019, after successfully leading the first ever ‘Stop Lesson’ in Term 1. As the name suggests, a ‘Stop Lesson’ is a chance for Year 9 as an entire cohort to stop and give opportunity for Year 9 students to talk through issues that positively and negatively impact their everyday lives and everyday learning at Kirrawee High School.

Issues such as bullying, classroom dynamics, relationships, social groups and mutual respect as members of Team 2022 were all on the table, giving students a chance in an open, honest and safe forum to listen to each other, talk to each other, and move forward as a year group for the sake of learning and, more importantly, for the sake of happiness and fulfilment in life at school.

Anonymous feedback about the ‘Stop Lessons’ from our Year 9 students has been very positive:

“We need to keep having these periods where we sit with fellow peers in our year, so we can talk to new people who we are usually too scared to talk to. Hopefully everyone will become more open to talk to one another and mature enough to discuss our difficulties, and find common ground”

“I really liked how we were in groups with the year twelves and we talked about our year group together. It was good to hear from people I don’t normally talk to”

“The time in class top just stop and discuss and bond with one another was very helpful. We should do it more”

Furthermore, our Year 11 and 12 White Ribbon Student Ambassadors gained invaluable experience in facilitating positive change in their school:

“We got the strong feeling that all the boys in our group walked out of the classroom with the key messages of respect and that they have a degree of responsibility to look out for each other as a year group.” Nick Hooker

“It was so good to see the group of girls who I led today, who are generally from different social groups, see that they are all equal and feel the same way about certain topics. The feedback we got was that they want to do this more often because they felt comfortable talking about these issues with us. I feel like there was heaps more we could have spoken about but ran out of time. It was definitely beneficial” – Shontelle Way

“It was really good to share our own personal stories to help the Year 9’s open up. I think it would be really worthwhile doing these lessons regularly” – Josephine Chang

We continue to be amazed and encouraged at the work of our White Ribbon student ambassadors and the very noticeable positive change they bring about in our school and in the lives of their peers.