White Ribbon Case Studies Lesson with Year 11

After weeks of meticulous planning by our White Ribbon Student Ambassadors team, Year 11 actively participated in a “case studies” lesson where issues such as respectful communication, respectful attitudes, consent, and sexism were openly and honestly discussed in a respectful forum.

Facilitated by Year 12 White Ribbon Ambassadors, Year 11 students were presented with 4 thought provoking media clips and asked to discuss their thoughts:

  • What did they notice?
  • How did the people in the clips respond to disrespectful communication? How do you think they felt?
  • Does the intention of a disrespectful comment excuse it?
  • What do you notice about the power dynamic in the context presented?
  • Have you experienced any of the issues raised yourself?
  • Have you witnessed similar situations in person or online?

In essence, the media clips and the questions were conversation starters. Conversations that need to be had to allow individuals and groups of people (such as a year cohort) to recognise their potential to change their world for the better.

In reflecting on the Case Studies lesson, our Year 11 students offered the following feedback:

“The Year 12 leaders spoke really well and really effectively. It’s good to be bringing awareness to these things. I think Year 11 is the perfect time as we are all starting to become more involved in the real world and talks like these help bring awareness”

“Really good, interactive. They all brought up very good points, and made us think and talk about many different things.”

“It was so positive to have an actual conversation as a group about these current topics. By this I mean we are always hearing about the problems within our current society but we rarely get together and go through the exact problems.”

“(The White Ribbon Ambassadors) used some good examples and made you think and engaged the class”

“I learnt the importance of domestic violence and harassment in society and how it is able to affect anyone around us. It made me realise the impact these things can have on people’s lives and shows me how I should be treating others and how I should respond if I am to see anything like this happen”

“It just opened my eyes to how prevalent this is in society”

A resounding 93% of Year 11 students indicated that they could see the link between domestic violence and disrespectful attitudes/communication, which is cause of great hope for the future.

Full credit to the following Year 12 White Ribbon Ambassadors for planning and facilitating this lesson for their peers. It is a courageous thing for them to stand up in front of their peers, only a year younger than them, about difficult (but necessary) topics and they were fantastic:

  • Alyssa Bishara
  • Claudia Damcevski
  • Thomas Duff
  • India Ellis
  • Anna Elyard
  • Pareesa Haque
  • Victoria Holdsworth
  • Toby Hummerston
  • Ami Humphreys
  • Charles Johnston
  • Olivia Lewis-Powe
  • Jay Louison-Roe
  • Holly Philip
  • Alana Roach
  • Hayley Smith

Check out a couple of the media clips yourself:

Click here to watch the Unmute Yourself media clip


Click her to watch the “She’s asking for it” media clip