Wellbeing Week Helps Us All Find Our Gratitude

Wellbeing Week was nothing short of an amazing success. Congratulations to the SRC who worked so hard and planned so meticuously to brighten the last week of term. Not only that, the activities each day had message and meaning and looked to give our community a better understanding of ourselves and how we all might maintain the resilience and good mental health so important to live a flourishing life. Although she always defers to her young charges, Ms Botros is the motivating teacher behind this big inititiative and we thank her for the unyielding support she gives.

A focus of the week was young entrepreneur and motivational speaker Cam Greenwood. Flown up from Melbourne, Cam spoke to a packed assembly hall about the five most important lessons of life:

  • Pursue Your Passion
  • Have a Crazy Vision
  • Create Your Own Path
  • Feed Your Spirit
  • Step Out and Be You

It was a thoughtful message based on his own life and barriers he has been able to break down, opening up a world of joy and wonder. A key part of the message is that the flourishing which grows from these messages also brings challenges and tough times. It is these very moments that help us to conquer fears, grow and get more of what life always offers.

Cam was then followed by Chelsea Hendra (Captain) and Hannah Johnston (Vice Captain) who spoke to the school about taking care of yourself. They spoke eloquently about self respect, gratitude, and being a better version of me. It was delivered with heartfelt care and conviction and of course form peers who has lived through the ups and downs of teenage and school life. A student initiative, these Year 12 students should feel so proud of the barriers they have broken down and the young adults they have become: leaders!

Another wonderful highlight was the Kirrawee Hanball Tournament. Treated with nothing but reverance at Kirrawee High, Hanbdall sits just above the World Cup in popularity and skill!! Each lunchtime students have been playing off for the coveted title of Kirrawee Handball Champion. The winner was Michael Crisafulli. They were awarded their prizes by event CEO and handball legend, Brock Singleton.