The ANZAC Spirit Lives On

The quiet of dawn, of reflection, greeted breaking light as it slowly illuminated the horizon and a solemn scene of commemoration. For many, this ritual is well trodden and understood. Acknowledging the historical moment Gallipoli provided the birth of a nation, our eternal gratitude for the sacrifice of Australian women and men, the price that has been paid for a lucky country, all loom so large on this special morning. And the enormous crowd gathered were of a single mind in honouring the ANZAC tradition.

Kirrawee High was well represented at the Miranda RSL Sub-Branch annual Dawn Service, led by our School Captains, Prefects and student leadership holding the school banner proudly aloft. Their deep sense of respect and the understanding of their role in maintaining this tradition is to be admired. A special acknowledgement is made of Beth Standaloft who read the Prayer of Thanksgiving and for Zoe Gillett who was a member of the superb catafalque party that mounted a guard for the duration of the service.

The Miranda Dawn Service always suggests much more than these important meanings alone. It would escape the attention of few that of those paying respects a very large percentage were school students, representing a wide range of primary, secondary, public and private schools from across the Shire. It is their presence, energy, optimism, their sense of future, that demands the most enduring of ANZAC legacies and poses the central question: Amidst the worse that conflict reveals, what marks of character define us and best equip us to take on whatever challenges might arise. It was this thought, this ageless gift left by the ANZACS, etched on each young face around the cenotaph, that gave poignant meaning to the sacrifices of so many Australians.

Lest We Forget