Signature Strengths Journey – Satine Goss (Year 11)


 A global citizen is defined as a person who sees the world they live in as a globe of interconnected persons and is prepared to take responsibility for their role and its effect on the all of Earth’s inhabitants, meaning that every single one of you has the ability to be a global citizen.  To break it down a little:

  • It is about embracing your culture and accepting others,
  • It’s about doing your part for the environment and thinking deeply about minimising the harm towards our planet
  • It’s about driving change, promoting openness , raising awareness and advocating for issues our community faces
  • on top of that it is about expanding your definition of community by becoming engaged and doing good for people even when they aren’t in the position to give it back

Whilst volunteering in Cambodia during the July holidays with 15 other students I was overwhelmed, in a good way. I have never met more kind hearted, welcoming, or more deserving people than the families and members of the wider Cambodian community. It wasn’t until I returned to Australia that the guilt started to kick in, the clean running water, the transport to school, even having access to an education in the first place. It was then I came to the conscious decision that I didn’t decide to be born privileged but I will decide to use my privilege to help those who weren’t born with the same opportunities as myself.

You don’t have to travel overseas to be a global citizen. In fact, if you are sitting in this hall looking at this picture, you owe it to villagers who use this one classroom which is actually just one of the local’s houses, as their whole entire school.

You owe it to them to appreciate and value your education and teachers, to take responsibility for the effects of your actions, be successful learners, explore and develop ethical opinions, and to strive to embrace a common humanity.

It isn’t anyone’s job to save every part of the world but it is everyone’s job to take an active role in bettering it in some way or another.

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