Signature Strengths Journey – Georgia Graham (Year 8)

Personal Best – Georgia Graham

To me, the meaning of “resilient learners who work towards their personal best” means to actively try and accomplish a goal and try to strive and do your absolute best. Being resilient means to have determination and to be able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult situations. In striving to achieve my personal best, I concentrated on arriving to class with a positive attitude, being involved and interactive within class discussions and not being concerned to ask questions.

During last year in year 7, I found that I did not have the determination to do well in maths mainly due to the fact that I simply struggled with it. My mindset was in a place where I never thought it possible that I would comprehend the work and I was destined to never reach my true potential.

During my math classes, instead of me trying to be resilient and try to do better I had a negative outlook, and I was focusing more on the social aspect of the class than my academic success. I was reluctant to ask questions as I was embarrassed that most of the students in my class were achieving A’s or B’s and understood the work, while I was getting much lower marks as it was more challenging for me to understand the work.

What ended up making me more upset and frustrated, was when we received our test results. I would always compare myself to others students in the class which made me feel more disheartened. I never achieved as well as my peers because maths didn’t come as easy for me as it may have for my other classmates.

At the end of year 7, when I received my end of year report it reflected my disappointing maths results. I knew I didn’t want to go another year not trying and not enjoying maths, so I decided to start year 8 with a positive mindset.

As a result of being a resilient learner, this year mathematics has become one of my favourite subjects, as my mindset is now at a much more positive state.
Throughout this year my grades have improved, to where I am now achieving some of the highest marks in my class. My grades improved as a result of me being resilient, determined and changing my approach towards maths and learning in general. I am now more confident and always ask questions when I am confused or in doubt about something in class, I never worry about anyone else’s success besides my own and I have realised that it is perfectly fine to fail as long as you have given it your best effort. All you need to do is to pick yourself back up and try again. Most importantly, I can now proudly refer to myself as a resilient learner who works towards my personal best and someone who strives to achieve their goals.

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