Kirrawee High School Leadership Training Day 2020

Each year we spend a day working as a whole school student leadership team in order to capacity build. One of the key goals of the day is to highlight and reinforce the Kirrawee High School Signature Strengths of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience and embed them in the student lead initiatives for the year.

The day started with keynote speaker, Mr Mark Mitchell who inspired our students to see their power and the impact that they can have in bringing about positive change at Kirrawee High School and in our broader community. He spoke about the fact that it is rarely a majority, but rather a small, highly motivated group acting as a critical mass that brings about change.

Students shared ideas around what leadership meant to them and were introduced to some real world problems by Nilou Kedemos and Ben Nolan. The first problem centred on inclusion and the struggles that people have in moving to a new country or a new school. Nilou Kedemos shared her own experience and then student’s workshopped their ideas from a series of case studies. The second issue was around sustainability and waste. Ben Nolan introduced the topic and shared some interesting facts about what environmental issues we as a school and a population face. Again, case studies were used to generate discussion amongst the students and they presented their solutions in interesting and creative ways; including dramatic performance. The team resolved to implement a number of measures to improve outcomes based on these issues. The solutions included creating greater awareness of issues through assemblies, establishing a Kirrawee Community Group to welcome new students to the school, improving recycling, and reduction of waste on the playground, in our classrooms and also in terms of power usage.

The final session of the day saw students think about the purpose of their groups within the context of the school. Invaluable time was also used to plan events and initiatives for the year ahead.

A huge thanks to all staff involved, Ms Farmer, Mrs Barden, Mr Mitchell, Ms Botros, Ms Windle , Ms Thomson and Mrs Williamson. I would also like to extend my congratulations to all of the leaders who participated in the day’s events with unbridled enthusiasm and a genuine passion for leading here at Kirrawee High School.

Mrs Kenehan