KHS Student Leadership Induction Ceremony 2019-2020

The Student Leadership Induction Ceremony is a special night when over 130 students are inducted into their respective groups. Student leadership has expanded over recent years and looks to build students’ personal skills of leadership across the school. The night commenced in a most fitting way with newly inducted Vice captain Tegan Avery providing our bespoke Kirrawee High School Acknowledgment of Country. It was a special moment which set a magnificent reflective tone, looking at our past, our present and igniting hope for our future.
It is an uplifting evening, reminding us that leadership resides within all. It is far more about our orientation to the world, our values, and our willingness to push personal boundaries than any positional title. Our keynote speaker, Relieving Deputy, Mark Mitchell, left the students with profoundly wise ideas around the notion of leadership. He pointed to the power of leadership in bringing about change, reflecting on the collective strength that our students have in bringing about positive outcomes not just within their own lives but on the lives of others. His words about the state of our world and the need for kindness, consideration and positivity, resonated with every person in the audience and most certainly inspired our young leaders.
Our current School Captains – Kirralee Smith and Blake Anderson – opened the night with their reflections on a stunning year of change and what the new leadership team might do to ensure they also grow from the marvelous opportunity that awaits. The newly inducted Captains – Cooper Gannon and Arabella De Nett,chaired much of the evening and challenged their new team to emulate the high standards that had been established by the outgoing team. Other members of the new leadership team assisted staff in the induction of new team members. Ben Nolan, Principal’s Representative gave his final thoughts before closing the proceedings. As a first occasion on which to express their office, we all realised we are in fine hands for the year ahead.
An enormous thank you is extended to Ms Botros – SRC Mentor – Student Leadership Induction Coordinator, without whose organisation and attention to detail this night would not exist. Huge thanks also to the stage band and Ms Moroney for entertaining guests with an outstanding repertoire of musical pieces. Finally, thank you to the many parents, carers and family who supported our young leaders and made this a memorable night for so many students.
Our 2020 Prefects; SRC, SJC and SEC representatives; White Ribbon Ambassadors; Media & Events Team; ATSI Group Leaders; Bates Drive Friends Program Leaders; Debating, Public Speaking & Mock Trial Leaders; Premier Ensemble Leaders and House Captains.
School Captains Arabella de Nett Cooper Gannon
Vice Captains Tegan Avery Kieran Weatherall
Principal’s Representative Benjamin Nolan
Prefects Noah Bailey Torah Christie
Montgomergy Coombs Mitchell Fahy
Satine Goss Nilou Kedemos
Keira Roffe Finn Taylor


Sport Captains Vice Captains  2020 Sports Organiser Captain Sports Carnival Rep
Molly Colqhoun Lana Bridges Kyle Lawton Irene Acton
Chad Barrecca Olivia Brown
Chloe Duncan Olivia Eason
Jack Elcombe Riley Dixon
Jade Hodge Micayla Krauklis
Jed Hardy Nathan Jay
Ella McLachlan Hayden Neale
Richard Nolan Nic Papadakis
Rachel Southern Ella Stansfield
Fletcher Williamson Kirralee Thompson
SRC Year SJC Year White Ribbon Year  Premier Ensemble Leaders Year
Alexandra Lake 7 Tobie Lennon 7 Ana Takueva 9 Lilian Davis 9
Caitlin Whitbread 7 Tabitha Legg 7 Rory Cole 9 Brayden Fabris 9
Wes Phillips 7 Alice Van Tol 7 Connor Mead 9 Tamieka Westwood 9
Kynan Di Cesare 7 Anaya Ghelani 7 Max Havet 9 Lilly Berkley 10
Molly Fitzpatrick 7 Georgia Graham 8 Lilly Berkley 10 Alyssa Bishara 10
Lauren Gray 7 Lauren Blom 9 Victoria Holdsworth 10 Thomas Duff 10
Susannah Duff 8 Sarah Chew 9 Allana Roach 10 Tara Gent 10
Cat Logan 8 Lilian Davis 9 Phoebe Falconer 10 Thomas Gothard 10
Amadene Edwards 8 Michelle Fawer 9 Skye Carroll 10 Toby Hummerston 10
Annaliese Mustapic 8 Mia Stewart 9 Alyssa Bishara 10 Ami Humphreys 10
Zoe Dillon 8 Ella Coleman 9 Ami Humphreys 10 Noah Bailey 11
Filipija Stojanova 8 Erica Giles 9 Pareesa Haque 10 Matthew Benson 11
Melissa Dodd 8 Maya Rosengren 9 Jay Louison-Roe 10 Myles Benyon 11
Joelyne Roy 9 Jasmine Fawer 9 Charlie Waters 10 Mitchell Fahy 11
Oliver Irvine-Todd 9 Zoe Fawer 9 Sophia Chakma Hill 11 Tristan Knapman 11
Rory Cole 9 Annika Legg 9 Yasmine Damcevski 11 Finn Taylor 11
Connor Mead 9 Lilly Berkley 10 Tayla Gillespie 11
Anna Elyard 10 Pareesa Haque 10 Lukas Goncalves 11 Debating & Public Speaking Leaders Year
Victoria Holdsworth 10 Sophia Chakma Hill 11 Satine Goss 11 Danika Bailey 9
Hayley Smith 10 Amy Coleman 11 Alexis Jackson 11 Lilian Davis 9
Skye Carroll 10 Yasmine Damcevski 11 Holly Jamieson 11 Luke Graham 10
Alyssa Bishara 10 Amber Kelly 11
Jay Louison-Roe 10 SEC Year Eve Krombas 11 Events, Media & Sound Lighting Team Year
Thomas Duff 10 Noah Gray 8 Kyle Lawton 11 Ella Batman 7
India Falconer 10 Scarlett Nováček 8 Kasey Lewis 11 Chloe Allen 7
Phoebe Falconer 10 Daina Watson 8 Emily Nyiri 11 Joshua Griffin-Mantilla 8
Isabelle Bath 11 Eva Martincich 9 Isabella Purdy 11 Elwyn McLean 8
Kelsey Smith 11 Keira Roffe 11 Chloe Passos 8
Benjamin Weaver 11 ATSI Year Jacob  Rossiter 11 Ryan Mead 8
Liam Grant 7 Emica Rutter 11 Sarah Chew 9
Leaderships SRC Jordan McLaren 9 Stirling Schwartz 11 Lilian Davis 9
Mitchell Fahy 11 Emma Smith 10 Oliver Watson 11 Oliver Irvine-Todd 9
Satine Goss 11 Kieran Weatherall 11 Kristin Bishopp 10
Nilou Kedemos 11 Friends Bates Drive Program Year Benjamin  Weaver 11 Pariss Bracken 10
Benjamin Nolan 11 Lauren Gray 7 Jemma Zdravkovski 11 Phoebe Falconer 10
Keira Roffe 11 Sarah Chew 9 Harrison Gray 10
Lilian Davis 9 Sarah McLaren 10
Tim Roffe 10
Lukas Goncalves 11
Kye Poulter 11
Isaac Price 11
Benjamin Weaver 11