Harmony Day Speech

The following speech highlights the importance and awareness around embracing all people both within school and the broader community.

Harmony Day Speech

Harmony Day is a celebration of cultural diversity and belonging in such a multicultural nation as Australia. More than this though, it is a reminder that all cultures, religions and races should be valued, respected and celebrated every day, not just on this day. Respect and understanding are vital to making the steps towards the elimination of discrimination of any kind.

Each human has a value far greater than what any label, stereotype, judgment or misconception has laid on them and knowing this brings people closer together. Harmony day is an uplifting day, reminding us of the vibrant multicultural societies in which we live. To celebrate, we come together with friends and family, create a feeling of communities, in order to share in our belonging and to ensure the people surrounding us feel included and valued.

Around 45% of Australia’s population has migrated to Australia or has at least one parent that was a migrant; I would be a part of this percentage as I’m sure many of you would be. Multiculturalism is such a deeply rooted part of Australia’s national identity and is something that we must work together to support. I think one of the greatest achievements Kirrawee High, the Sutherland Shire, and Australia could strive for, is the ability to exist together in strong communities in which people see others for who they are as people first, without defining them by a race or religion.

Putting the effort into understanding another person’s culture and beliefs is a way of creating such relationships and showing acceptance is something each of us can work towards implementing, not just today, but in our every day lives.

Happy Harmony Day everybody!

Anna Hobson

This year the SJC student body engaged with both students and staff to create an insight into Kirrawee High’s thoughts, ideas and experiences in respect to harmony .

Enjoy !