Brianna Day 2020

This year, due to unforeseeable events, we celebrated Brianna Day a little late, just missing the Winter Solstice. The SJC ran another successful mufti day in memory of Brianna Johnsen, with the goal of raising much needed funds to support the Captain Starlight Training program. It was a particularly warm day and there was the usual vibrant feeling added to the emotion of the day as once again some of Brianna’s younger friends recounted her exceptional sporting prowess and her amazing energy.
Brianna Johnsen started as a student here in 2013 and throughout her short life she made a huge impact on the whole Kirrawee community, showing enormous strength, humour and dignity, as she endured a lengthy battle with leukaemia. That humour and sense of fun was captured by the school community as they enjoyed the freedom of being out of uniform. Brianna’s favourite colour was purple which was featured in the fantastic outfits worn by students and staff.

During Brianna’s time in hospital, like so many children, Captain Starlight was always a welcome distraction and brought her so much joy. The Captains provide children with the opportunity to laugh, joke around and just be kids. Brianna’s parents have extended their thanks to the Kirrawee High School community for going ahead with the day in these difficult times. Kirrawee High successfully raised over $1800, that will support Captain Starlight Learning and Development and with this legacy, Brianna’s memory will live on.