2020 SRC Wellbeing Week

The SRC team is passionate about running wellbeing initiatives and catering for student voice at our school. This year was our third annual wellbeing week, which was held at the end of Term 2. We were sure to adapt to the current unprecedented times, and we looked into ways that we could run wellbeing week without our annual whole school assembly and interactive activities. The SRC team worked hard on producing online resources and daily messages that our students and community could access from their own device. PowerPoints, videos, interviews, and posters were used to deliver messages of hope, and promote healthy bodies and minds. Students were also invited during recess through-out wellbeing week, to participate in fun activities and competitions.

The SRC team delivered powerful and inspiring messages about the following:

  • The Year 8 SRC focused on the power of words. The importance of using positive and supportive words.
  • The Year 9 SRC produced an inspiring video that covered the purpose of our wellbeing week, and important strategies to maintain mental and physical fitness.
  • The Year 10 SRC produced a poster titled “You are not alone”. They addressed important points on the topic of mental health, and strategies to cope with hardship.
  • The Year 11 SRC addressed the topic of body image. They interviewed a number of our students across various year groups, and produced two brilliant videos to explore different perspectives. These videos aim to challenge unrealistic stereotypes. Powerful messages from inspiring young people.
  • The Year 12 SRC leaders made a wonderful video that addressed strategies about managing stress during exams. The video has great study skills tips.

To access all the above resources and to meet our SRC team, please go to our Instagram page @khs_src.

We ask our students to refer to the “Kirrawee Care” card if and when support is needed. KHS cares for you and there are many ways to seek support.

We extend our thanks to all the students who were interviewed for our wellbeing videos, along with their parents and carers who supported us to share the videos online.


We look forward to the next wellbeing initiatives as we endeavour to support our community.

The SRC Team and Miss Botros