2019 SRC Wellbeing Week

The 2019 SRC Wellbeing Week was a most powerful initiative to promote mental health awareness, and the importance of practising mindfulness to self-care.

The SRC Team led by Ms Botros organised a tailored program for our Kirrawee High community.

Starting with a brilliantly organised Handball Tournament, over two weeks and leading up to Wellbeing week, KHS students celebrated their passion for handball (see previous post and video). A whole school Wellbeing activity was conducted on Tuesday 25th June. The activity was guided by class teachers, and all students across Years 7 to 12 reflected on the question: “what are you going to do to improve someone else’s Wellbeing week?”. Year 7 to 10 students were asked to write their ideas on post-its, and Years 11 and 12 were asked to complete a one question survey. Responses were collected and turned into a whole school Artwork that spelled two important mottos, that drove the SRC team’s passion for Wellbeing week i.e. You Matter + Kirrawee Care (see attached photos). The Wellbeing activity question was promoted by Jade Hodge (Yr11 SRC), teachers led the activity and our students voiced their ideas.

Day 1 of Wellbeing Week started with a wonderful assembly for Years 7 to 10 on Monday 1st July. Tegan Avery (SRC) began the assembly with the acknowledgement of country, and Nilou Kedemos (SRC) introduced the assembly. The first item was a well thought-out interactive presentation by two of our SRC members in Year 11: Satine Goss and Cooper Gannon. Their presentation was based on our excursion, where the SRC represented KHS at the NSW Largest Mental Health Awareness Lesson. Our school counsellor and psychologist Liz Cinat, gave an insight into the welfare support and counselling services available at our school. Jade Hodge (SRC) shared her unique speech titled “Because You Matter”, then reflected on and showcased the whole school Artwork: You Matter + Kirrawee Care. Ben Nolan (SRC) gave an overview of the fun and insightful activities, organised by our SRC Team on a daily basis through-out this week, and the visits from our guests from the Sutherland Shire Council youth services. Our guest speaker was from Headspace, an ex-Kirrawee High Student: Amy Lloyd, who presented information about Headspace services and shared her passion for volunteering and serving the community. Arabella De Nett (SRC) launched the 14 days Wellbeing Journey Competition (see previous post for details about the competition), and Mitchell Fahy (SRC) concluded the assembly. We also had Headspace visit our school during the break to conduct a number of activities with our students.

Day 2: we held the Years 11 and 12 Wellbeing assembly, and Project Youth visited our school.

Day 3: Engadine District Youth Services visited during Recess. And, the SRC conducted the “Smile on your dial” activities during Lunch.

Day 4: 2Connect Youth & Community visited during Recess, and the SRC: Mindfulness Activities took place during Lunch.

The last day of Wellbeing week and last day of Term Two, is all about special celebrations with music and Battle Royal Competitions organised by the SRC team.

Noting that through-out this week, a daily announcement was shared on the school system, from the 14 days wellbeing journey. So far, our staff and students reflected on the first 5 days, which looked at: Gratitude, Kindness, Exercise/Walk, Renew, and Forgiveness.

We would like to remind all our students to participate in the 14 days Wellbeing Competition to have the opportunity to win awesome prizes. Our goal is to have ripples of positivity around our community, and have our whole community participate in this Wellbeing journey.

The SRC and Ms Botros would like to thank our KHS community: staff, students and parents/carers, for supporting this Wellbeing Initiative. We would also like to extend our thanks to the Sutherland Shire Council Youth Services for their visits through-out Wellbeing week.

Wishing you a safe and happy holidays KHS!