Sydney East Representation Week 5/6 – CHS Football

Continuing with our fortnightly post of Combined High School Championships –  Week 5 saw the NSW CHS Boys football championships being held in Wollongong and Week 6 the NSW CHS Girls Football Championships being held at Kirrawee.

Kirrawee High had 2 students selected to represent Sydney East at both of these championships

Year 12 Lily Hart

Year 11 Karrell Walker, Luke Dearsley , Torah Christie

At the girls championships an CHS invitational team was also invited to compete and Amelia Kirby of Year 8 and Kyra Ereckson of Year 10 were selected to compete in this team.

Sydney East were the host of the girls championship and the Sydney East girls team finished 7th.  See the link to video of the championships made by Sydney East.  CHS Girls Football Championships

The boys championship was held in Wollongong and the Sydney East team again won the State Championships.  This is the 7th time this team with many past Kirrawee students has won the event under the Sydney East Football Convenor/Coach Peter Slater.  Congratulations to Karrell and Luke for their contributions to this teams success.