Sutherland Zone Athletics

Congratulations to all the students who competed at the Sutherland Zone Athletics Carnival on Friday 28 June at Barden Ridge Athletics Track.

Our KHS students did us and themselves proud on the day and their was some very impressive results.

Our Sutherland Zone Age Champions were:

12yrs Girls Izobelle Louison-Roe Kirrawee
13yrs Girls Molly Fitzpatrick Kirrawee
14yrs Girls Amelia Kirby Kirrawee
16yrs Girls Eve Way Kirrawee
16yrs Boys Jay Louison-Roe Kirrawee
17+yrs Girls Sarah Archer Kirrawee

All nine relay teams qualified for regional. An amazing result. The winning teams teams were- 12 Boys, 13 Girls, 14 Girls, 14 Boys, 15 Boys, 16 Boys, 17 Girls
The Teams who came second were – 12 Girls, 13 Boys


Listed below are the Individual winners on the day:

Javelin – Eve Way (16 Girls), Luke Hewitt (15 Boys)

High Jump – Izobelle Louison-Roe (12 Girls),  Maddi Day (17 Girls), Joshua Keating (14 Boys), Lucas Mckenzie (15 Boys)

Long Jump – Izobelle Louison-Roe (12 Girls), Eve Way (16 Girls), Maddi Day (17 Girls),  Nicholas Muir (14 Boys)

Discus – Victoria Holdsworth (16 Girls), Maddi Day (17 Girls), Jordan Papadakis (15 Boy), Jay Louison-Roe (16 Boy), Nicholas Papadakis (17-19 Boys)

Shot Put – Eve Way (16 Girls), Jay Slootweg (12 Boys), Rory Cole (15 Boys),

1500 – Thomas Stephens (12-14 Boys), Nathan Jay (17-19 Boys)

800 – Amelia Kirby (14 Girls), Ella Burton (17 Girls), Dayne Foley (12 Boys), Thomas Stephens (14 Boys)

400 –  Molly Fitzpatrick (12-14 Girls), Sarah Archer (17-19 Girls)

200 – Izobelle Louison-Roe (12 Girls), Molly Fitzpatrick (13 Girls), Amy Watson (14 Girls), Sarah Archer (17-19 Girls), Hayden Graham (13 Boys), Riley Crawford (15 Boys) , Jay Louison-Roe (16 Boy)

100 – Izobelle Louison-Roe (12 Girls), Molly Fitzpatrick (13 Girls), Amy Watson (14 Girls), Hayden Graham (13 Boys), Riley Crawford (15 Boys), Jack Bridges (16 Boys)

Good luck to all those students who made it through to the Regional Athletics Carnival.

Please click on the this link to view the full results … Full Results