KHS Student Success in Surf Life Saving and Track and Field

It comes around each year so quickly the culmination of the long summer sport season for Surf Life Savings and Athletics.  The pinnacle event of the sport calendar for these two highly competitive sports is the Australian Champions.

The “Aussies” was held on the Gold Coast from 28 March-6 April. An annual event where thousands of athletes from Australia’s 314 Surf Clubs come together to compete in more than 400 beach and ocean events.  It is the largest event of its kind, only comparing the likes of the Commonwealth Games. At the same time the best athletes in the country met for the final event of the Summer of Athletics calendar, this year the championships were in Sydney 1st-7th April.  As always KHS student are well represented at both of these prestigious events.

Congratulations to the amazing and talented athletes that won National Medals in their respective events.

Australian Track and Field Championships

Indie Seccombe Year 10 GOLD U17 3000m

Surf Life Saving Championships

Riley Dixon Year 11 GOLD U17 Male Surf Team, GOLD U17 Male Board Rescue, SILVER U17 Board Race

Zara Lammers Year 9 GOLD U14 Beach Sprint

Rachel Sothern Year 11 SILVER U17 Board Race, SILVER U19 Board Race, BRONZE U17 Surf Team

Brianna Smith Year 10 SILVER U15 Female Cameron Relay, BRONZE U15 Female Beach Relay

Ella McLachlan Year 11 SILVER 5 Person RnR, BRONZE U17 Female Surf Team

Max Buckley Year 10 GOLD U17 Male Surf Team, GOLD U17 Male Surf Board Riding

Nathan Jay Year 11 GOLD U17 Male Surf Team

Zoe Jay Year 10 BRONZE U15 Board Relay