KHS 2019 Swimming Carnival Official Program and Information for the Day


Friday 15 February 2019 (Week 3)


Please Click here to see the Program of events for the KHS 2019 Swimming Carnival.

Please Click here to see the Entry Lists (as of Thursday 14/2)

Meet Program including all entries click here.  Late entries will be taken at the pool up until 8.30am tomorrow (pending available room in heats)

  1. This is a normal school day for Year 7 to 12 as far as attendance (all day) is concerned.  The carnival will start promptly at 8.45 am. The carnival will end by 2.30pm.
  2. Transport: A bus will be provided, leaving school at 8.00am, returning at approximately 2.30pm, cost $8.    Normal school buses will operate in the morning and afternoon.
  3. Entry to Pool must be at the Southern gate: $6 payable at the pool, covering entry, hire of pool facilities and timing equipment from NSW swimming. Bags will be checked as you enter the pool.
  4. Lunches: if you do not wish to make use of the pool canteen, you should bring your own lunch. No glass bottles to be taken inside the pool.
  5. No allowances will be made for competitors late for events.
  6. All events will be decided on times. If you swim one of the top two times in an event, you qualify for the zone carnival (in some events the top 3 students may qualify if their times are fast enough). The age event you compete in is the age you turn this year, each swimmer will wear a coloured cap according to whatever house you are in. Entry into events needs to be made before the carnival.  Fill in a yellow card at the sports box.
  7. Girls and Boys in the 12Y, 13Y, 14Y 100m freestyle go to marshaling area as soon as your name is marked off the roll.
  8. Roll Call will be held at 8.45am sharp, inside the pool, and also at 2.15pm. No students will be allowed to leave early. Early leavers must have a specific appointment or special reason for early leave. This note must be given to Mrs. Blanch, at the latest, on Wednesday 13 Feb, 2019.
  9. No one will leave in the afternoon until after Roll call – Parents CANNOT collect their child before roll call.
  10. Wet Weather: The Carnival will be on regardless of the weather as there is no alternate date.
  11. Students are not permitted to bring cameras, skateboards or fluro zinc to the pool. Ball games are not permitted in the grounds. Bikes must be left outside the center in the bike racks provided.
  12. No swimming in the smaller pools.
  13. It is essential you bring sunscreen and a hat.
  14. Sutherland Zone Carnival is to be held at Sutherland Leisure Centre on Monday 4 March, 2019.



  • Due to child protection legislation we are unable to allow students to travel home with other student’s parents unless they have a specific note from their own parents.
  • Students need to be collected before 3pm otherwise they must travel back to school on the return bus from the pool, so they may go home in their normal manner.
  • any student that has not been given parental consent through the parent portal will not be permitted to swim (race or novelty)