‘The Tempest’ Such Smooth Sailing

“How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world / That has such people in’t!”

Miranda in The Tempest, by William Shakespeare

Thus were the refrains of the English teachers who, on 1 May, were lucky enough to accompany our wonderful Advanced English Year 12 students to a live performance of The Tempest at the Seymour Centre. A magical, musical delight, students and teachers alike were enamoured by the technical brilliance of the Sport for Jove Theatre Company, who cleverly replicated many of the computer-generated aspects of theatre that have been previously tried and tested by the Royal Shakespeare Company in London.

Alongside wonderous Shakespearean language, including choice insults like, “Thou dost snore distinctly; there’s meaning in thy snores!”, students were treated to the inclusion of modern songs and interactive mobile-phone gags to lighten the mood and add a contemporary twist to this much-loved classic. Ariel, the spirit of the air, looked like something out of Swan Lake, so dark and bird-like was her costume. She amazed with her twitching, graceful interactions, as did the charismatic Caliban, who quickly became the ‘under-dog’ favoured by many of the students.

Sport for Jove proved once again that they know the syllabus well, incorporating certain aspects of the comparative text Hag-Seed, by Margaret Atwood, into their production. They brought to life the wonders of Shakespeare for all in the audience and honed in on the reverent respect that this play garners as Shakespeare’s last written work.

Ms McEntyre, Ms Barden, Ms Kenehan and Ms Farmer were incredibly proud of every one of our students. Each student acted respectfully and represented their school with great maturity. We were also overjoyed when audience members from KHS were able to put their critical thinking skills to good use in the actor’s Q&A session after the play. There, they showed their obvious interest in the play through the posing of intelligent and relevant questions. We can’t wait to begin our studies!

“Our revels now are ended. These our actors,
As I foretold you, were all spirits and
Are melted into air, into thin air…”  Prospero