Important Changes to Key Dates UAC 2020

Below outlines information relevant to our Year 12 students. Please take some time to read through each section.

UAC Key Date Changes:

Attached is a file outlining the changes to UAC’s key dates. Please make sure that you are aware of these changes, to ensure UAC course preferences are managed accordingly. The following link will provide you with access to all of UAC’s key dates.   UAC Key Dates

UOW Information Webinar:

This session is being held on Tuesday, 16 June at 6:00pm, and will cover:

  • Key dates
  • Your ATAR and selection rank (and what it means)
  • UOW Early Admissions processes
  • UOW scholarships
  • UOW accommodation
  • Your options if you don’t get the ATAR you need
  • Student life at UOW.

Student and parents/carers can register their attendance via the link below:

Event Registration

UOW Subject Support Series:

A reminder that the free subject-specific online HSC lectures have commenced. These sessions are designed to help students improve their knowledge and understanding of subject content and discover what HSC exam markers and assessors are looking for. Students can register via the link below.

Registration Link

HSC & Careers Expo:

This event is being held from 17-21 June. You can register your attendance via the link below. Students and parents will have access to faculty representatives from each university, as well as HSC experts.

insireED Registration Link

University Early Entry:

Students will soon receive an information sheet outlining early entry opportunities. Many schemes are already open, or will be opening soon. Students are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible.

UAC Information and Resources:

The link below will provide you with access to UAC’s short video series ‘Lets Chat’, and other useful information.

UAC’s link to Lets Chat

Educational Access Scheme (EAS):

Watch this short video to learn more about the EAS. If students are eligible for the EAS under the new categories for Job Keeper / Job Seeker, and have a different surname from their parent/guardian, they will be required to provide evidence of relationship. This could be a letter from one of the following representatives: School, Lawyer, MD, Accountant.

Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS):

Watch this short video to learn more about the SRS.

Please make contact with one of our Careers Advisers, for more information.

Thank you,

Kylie Keats – Monday – Tuesday     

Lynn James – Wednesday – Thursday

Lynne Graham – Friday