HSC Standard Maths Make Important Network Connections

Our HSC Mathematics Standard 2 cohort have just completed their journey in the brand new ‘Networks’ topic. It is a wonderfully useful topic that mathematical describes and represents things that are connected.

Since Networks is a new topic to be studied at any level of secondary school mathematics in NSW, the KHS Mathematics Faculty taught the topic employing team teaching, entire cohort workshops and lectures, flipped learning videos and even a very brave summary rap from Mr Mitchell (modelling academic risk taking for the sake of learning). It was a significant undertaking and allowed students to benefit from the experience and expertise of the individual teachers in the teaching team, and also allowed the Mathematics teachers to learn and benefit from each other’s pedagogical style and understanding of the new topic.

Feedback from our Year 12 cohort has been overwhelming positive, with 90% of students indicating that they had a sound, thorough or extensive understanding of the Networks topic. 70% of students liked the way in which the topic was presented (25% were undecided).


Comments from the students upon completing the topic included:

“I loved the lecture environment and all the new different ways we were taught this topic! Would love to do the lectures in the hall again!!”

“I liked having more people to help with understanding as everyone was up to the same spot at all times and no class was ahead or behind”

“Overall I think the Networks topic had challenging and not so challenging parts…Well done to the maths faculty, we love ya !!!”

“All-in lectures were a smart and engaging idea that helped in my overall understanding of the topic”

A big thank you to Mr Scott, Miss Windle, Miss Carter, Mr Wang and Mr Mitchell for their efforts and willingness to take on new challenges and congratulations to our Year 12 Mathematics Standard 2 students for the way in which they have engaged with the new topic.