Class of 2020 – Reflections Part III


In their final week of school, in their final English lesson ever, the Class of 2020 were asked to reflect on their time at Kirrawee High School. To stop and think about all great things they’ve experienced and achieved at KHS, what they are proud of, what they will remember, what they would rather forget, and how they have seen themselves grow. Some students chose to write to their Year 7 selves, imparting words of wisdom as they have seen their time at Kirrawee High School come…and go.

As we prepare to welcome the 2021 Year 7 cohort who will, in the blink of an eye, graduate to be the KHS Class of 2026, we continue our four-part Reflections series with ‘Opportunities’. As our graduating Year 12 students looked back on their time it a high school, a strong recurring theme of their reflections was the plethora of opportunities they had experienced at Kirrawee High School. Opportunities to excel academically; opportunities to represent the school in a number of sports, musical groups, debating and public speaking; opportunities to learn another language or musical instrument, opportunities to lead and inspire change and social justice.

These words are shared in the hope that it will encourage our beginning Year 7 students, and all of our students, to take full advantage of all the wonderful opportunities available to them at the one and only Kirrawee High School.

Arabella de Nett:
“We had countless incredible opportunities to represent the school in debating. We got to go to state debating camp and meet many incredible people from all over the state, debate in the Grand Hall at the University of Sydney and make many memories with an amazing team. We had great times playing all kinds of sports from Oztag to futsal, cricket, athletics and cross-country. We got to go to Wet N Wild, Luna Park, the aquarium, the zoo, countless school camps and other fun trips. We got to inspire others through leadership as prefects but, more importantly, through SRC, debating and Peer Support. We got to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, in more ways than one, and we got to work on important initiatives that made a difference in the lives of others. Most importantly, we got to learn from great teachers, we got to belong to a great school, and we got to laugh with great friends as we made great memories. It took us a few years, but once we finally chose to stop caring and embrace who we are, the opportunities of what stood before us became endless. We became truly happy and it was incredible”

Noah Bailey:
“I’ll miss handball with the boys and all the fun jokes I have with teachers now that we are all older. Now going out in tothe big wide world I’m so glad I had some many great experiences with being able to travel to New York for music, to going to camps and to getting through the crowded hallways each hour. Even though this year was a shocker I wouldn’t change it for any other because I have really learnt so much more about myself through the experiences this year. I will always miss high school and will constantly reflect on the amazing times I had. I encourage all students and future students to enjoy their time at KHS and take as many opportunities as you can whether it be in leadership groups like White Ribbon which is a group I loved, be it the sporting arena representing the school at whatever sport you’re best at, I encourage everyone to just try everything.”

Angus Ellison:
“To my Year 7 self, I would say:
You will experience many ups and downs but the reward at the end will be incredibly rewarding. You will meet loads of new people, some of which you will find challenging or not like. However, you will make twice as many friends. Take every opportunity you get with both hands. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t doubt yourself, go out and be you. The lessons you learn aren’t limited to the time you spend in a class. They are made from your experiences and how you react to them.”

Richard Nolan:
“High school taught me a lot and developed me as a person exponentially. If I was to give advice to the younger years/generations in high school it would be involve yourself, involve yourself with as much as possible, if that’s running that 100m at the athletics carnival or signing up to Mr Haynes’ famous maths competition, at the end of your time here you’ll look back on these things and be grateful you made these memories. Do your best, make a goal, and strive to achieve it and your time at Kirrawee High won’t even seem like school.”


“Dear my year 7 self,
In your time at KHS, you will experience everything from late nights at camp, intense class speeches and making awesome friends. School isn’t scary, it just can be tedious (hard to get through). You will learn to embrace a common humanity, not take everything so seriously and how to achieve your best. School only lasts 6 years. It gets a lot better as you go. My advice would be: go for it! Be it volunteering, that sports team or even playing handball at recess. Your excursions, especially overseas, will be worthwhile. The teachers that guide you through will be incredible and supportive. They always somehow seem to make class fun, even while you are learning about the most boring topic. Do it and don’t look back. When you make good friends hold onto them and enjoy your time with them, it goes past with a blink of an eye.”

Finn Taylor:
“Make the most of the opportunities provided to you because high school doesn’t last forever. I know that saying high school doesn’t last forever is cliched but, as the last few days are coming to an end, I have only just realised the truth in that phrase.”