Thanks to our wonderful teachers!

Yes it’s all over for another year – and what a fantastic show! Shrek will be remembered as one our most endearing and enjoyable musicals, for its professionalism, and for the incredible performances delivered by our students each night. We are very proud of them! Most of all we are proud that such a professional show was delivered entirely by students – the band, cast, technical crew, backstage, makeup, art, set construction and front of house teams were all comprised of students with a small handful of teacher mentors. A triumph of public education!

So our final thanks is for the teachers who have dedicated so much of themselves to this project -their time, creativity, and patience. Their sacrifice and commitment have created unforgettable and in some cases life changing experiences for the students involved.

See you in two years for the next one!

Amelia West – director, Kerri Lacey – musical director, Elyse Halliday – choreography and makeup, Kathy Kokori – backstage management and props, Kim Adelerhof – costumes, Ellie Moroney – assistant musical director and keyboards, Linda Fawer – horn, Carla Cherrie – makeup, Kirsten Williamson – set artwork and design, Mili Veljanovski – set artwork, Daniel Zietsch – set construction, Brett Brooks – set construction, Daniel Dempsey – lighting support, Donna Clemenston – ticket sales, Cathy Barden – front of house, Mel Kenehan – front of house, Sonia Houlahan – box office, Emma Farmer – front of house, Brad Smith – candy bar, Marian Botros – logistics, Peter Reeve – producer and technical director.