Shrek The Musical – What a fantastic showcase of Kirrawee High School

It is hard to imagine a better way of finishing a term. Shrek The Musical was such an amazing display of talent and hours of dedication from our committed students and staff.  I don’t think it is possible to measure the long preparation required to achieve such a fantastic final result including four evening shows for our community and one matinee show for our local primary schools.  From the Friday “Freak Flag” preview of the fairy tale characters it was clear to the whole school it was a special event not to be missed and it certainly was that.

Each show brought together stunning teamwork, ranging from our leads and ensemble, sound and lighting, set construction, make-up, stage crew, costume design, printing and promotion, front of house, ticketing and sales, and of course the amazing orchestra.  This outstanding production team led by Ms West, Ms Lacey and Mr Reeve equally contributed to the professional performance we saw on stage each and every night.

Any article on Shrek The Musical needs to recognise and acknowledge the amazing efforts of all those involved.  Thank you to all students and staff, the Kirrawee High School community is very proud.


SHREK:                                               Joshua Khan

DONKEY:                                            Michael Crisafulli

PRINCESS FIONA:                             Sophie Gravenor

LORD FARQUAAD:                            Daniel Micallef

DRAGON/QUEEN OF HEARTS:       Danika Bailey

TEEN FIONA:                                      Ella Fakes

YOUNG FIONA:                                  Jessica Rose

PINOCCHIO:                                       Montgomery Coombs

PAPA OGRE:                                      Myles Benyon

MAMA OGRE:                                     Ella Ford

LITTLE SHREK/DWARF:                    Matthew Malek

KING HAROLD:                                  Cody Ettingshausen

QUEEN LILLIAN:                               Hannah McGuinness

GINGY:                                                Kai Lloyd-Jones

PETER PAN:                                       Cody Ettingshausen

THREE LITTLE PIGS:                        Anna Elyard, Alana Roach, Sarah Sheldon

WHITE RABBIT:                                 Ewan Herdman

FAIRY GODMOTHER:                        Ruby Ismay

WICKED WITCH:                                Samantha Oswald-Cox

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY:                        Rochelle Natoli

UGLY DUCKLING:                             Keira Roffe

MAMA BEAR:                                      Lilly Berkley

PAPA BEAR:                                       Lukas Goncalves

BABY BEAR:                                       Joshua Griffin-Mantilla

MAD HATTER:                                    Matthew Verrall

HUMPTY DUMPTY:                            Bella Thomas

ELF:                                                     Stephanie Swords

OLD KNIGHTS:                                   Myles Benyon, Alyssa Bishara, Tara-Lee Fabris, Ella Fakes, Ella Ford, Samantha Oswald-Cox Finn Taylor

PIED PIPER:                                       Lukas Goncalves

THREE BLIND MICE:                     Alyssa Bishara, Tahlie Gavin, Hannah McGuinness

BLUE BIRD:                                        Kai Lloyd-Jones

GREETER:                                          Ewan Herdman

PRIEST:                                               Finn Taylor

RED RIDING HOOD:                          Tess Murray-Prior

ALICE IN WONDERLAND:                 Ella Gregory

MAMA DEER:                                      Mylie Kemp

TINKERBELL:                                     Ava Ferguson-Leighton

GRETEL:                                             Amy Coleman

HANSEL:                                            Tara-Lee Fabris

GOLDILOCKS:                                  Amber Kelly

BIG BAD WOLF:                               Louis Llewellyn

THELONIUS:                                    Luke Bevan

CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD:          Luke Bevan/Finn Taylor

GUARDS: Myles Benyon, Lukas Gonclaves, Matthew Malek, Samantha Oswald-Cox, Jack Robinson, Nicholas Ryan, Finn Taylor

DULOC CITIZENS: Isabelle Bath, Luke Bevan, Mikaela Binns-Rorke, Alyssa Bishara, Arabella de Nett, Cody Ettingshausen, Abbey Gould, Joshua Griffin-Mantilla, Ewan Herdman, Holly Jamieson, Natasha Kavanagh, Emily Nyiri, Joanna Patruno, Jack Robinson, Nicholas Ryan, Talia Slootweg, Clara Smith, Matthew Verrall, Elizabeth Williams

TAP RATS: Alice Hamman, Ewan Herdman, Nicholas Ryan, Ava Stewart, Elizabeth Williams


Conductor/Piano                            Kerri Lacey

Bass Guitar                                      Robert Duggan

Bass Clarinet                                   Kristin Bishopp

Clarinet 1                                          Matthew Benson

Clarinet 2                                          Lachlan Shoebridge

Drums                                               Jesse Whyte

Flute/Oboe                                       Ami Humphreys

Flute/Piccolo                                    Erin Gent

French Horn                                     Linda Fawer

Guitar 1                                              Jake Wilson

Guitar 2                                             Chris Gold

Keyboard 1                                        Ellie Moroney

Keyboard 2                                       Kieran Knapman

Keyboard 3                                       Thomas Duff

Percussion                                        Tim Roffe

Alto Saxophone                               Lauren Roach

Tenor Saxophone                            Noah Bailey

Soprano/Baritone Saxophone      Noah Passos

Trombone 1                                      Genevieve Tyrrell

Trombone 2                                     Paris Barnard

Trumpet                                           Blake Jones

Violin 1                                             Tristan Knapman

Violin 2                                            Rina Waddell


Producer                                                    Peter Reeve

Director                                                      Amelia West

Musical Director                                       Kerri Lacey

Assistant Musical Director                      Ellie Moroney

Choreography                                           Elyse Nicholson

Technical Director                                   Peter Reeve

Set Construction                                      Daniel Zietsch, Brett Brooks, Kye Poulter

Set Design and Artwork                          Mili Veljanovski, Kirsten Williamson

Lighting Designer                                     Chris Snape

Backstage and Props                              Kathy Kokori

Costumes and Wardrobe                       Kim Adelerhof

Makeup                                                      Carla Cherrie, Elyse Nicholson

Additional Technical Support               Daniel Dempsey, Matt Garrett, Ed Kuschell, Luke Punzet

Assistant to Producer                              Marian Botros

Lighting Operator                                    Harrison Gray

Followspot Operators                             Jake Hummerston, Kye Poulter

Playback Operator                                  Benjamin Weaver

Audio Engineers                                       Tobi Carr, Hayley Pullen

Wireless Technician                                Kirralee Smith

Video                                                          Valerie Ettienne

Box Office                                                  Donna Clemenston, Penny Hummerston

Front-of-House Managers                      Cathy Barden, Emma Farmer, Sonia Houlahan, Melissa Kenehan

Costume Team                                        Tegan Avery, Olivia Blewitt, Bella Hingerty, Madeleine Pawlak, Emily Smith

Printing                                                      Pamela Ghislain

Finance                                                      Jenny Kerr, Veerle McMillan

Haberdashery                                           Stephen R Smith

Stage Management – Hunter Brooking, Sarah Chew, Lachlan Daly-Hobkirk, Lilian Davis, Cooper Gannon, Nilou Kedemos, Andy Krombas, Jack Rosengren, Amy Slater

Makeup, Hair & Accessories  – Sophie Beaumont, Ruby Berkley, Emily Chatterton, Ella Coleman, Yasmine Damcevski, Lilly Dempsey, Amy Hummerston, Alexis Jackson, Charlotte Maxwell, Rachel McElroy, Alexandra Palmer, Chloe Passos, Olivia Pawlak, Tabitha Petrick, Isabella Purdy

Painting – Danika Bailey, Lilly Berkley, Sophia Chakma Hill, Kate Chapman, Maree Comino, Monty Coombs, Aiden Hetherington, Holly Johnson, Marina Kato, Eve Krombas, Helen Lau, Isaac Price, Tayla Screen, Riley Slowgrove

Ushers/Candy Bar Helpers – Irene Acton, Jenny Blanch, Sheridan Brown, Jessica Carosi, Ella Carter, Sarah Chew, Taya Corrigan, Rob Davis, Lilian Davis, John Devine, Luci Ellis, Brayden Fabris, Sandra Fellas, Charlotte Fox, Cooper Gannon, Ava Harbrow, Erica Giles, Luke Graham, Tracey Halar, Zali Hamilton, Annabel Hart, Abbey Hoy, Alexis Jackson, Nilou Kedemos, Roslyn Kinnaird, Laura Kirkland, Imogen Leitch, Olivia Lewis-Powe, Mikayla Mastoris, Elena Mbeya, Maya McGrath, Jordan McLaren, Georgie Morton, Taylor Mullard, Annaliese Mustapic, Benjamin Nolan, Georgine Plunkett, Tamsyn Rutter, Mikhail Savva Lowman, John Sassine, Bradley Smith, Beth Standaloft, Rebecca Stephens, Cate Thompson, Cynthia Treacy, Vincent Wang, Charlie Waters, Emily Widomski, Damian Yu

Such a wonderful tradition at Kirrawee, this important biannual event on our school calendar showcases the many talents of our students and strengthens a bond and comradery within this team that provides a widely shared and joyous experience.  We cannot wait until 2021 to see it all happen again.