KHSJO – “Super Sick Gig” in the Village

On Sunday, 27 October, the KHSJO headed on down to Gymea Village to open the activities in Warburton Street. This is a regular gig for this group and they were very professional in their presentation. As part of the Premier Ensemble Leadership Roles, the students in this group are expected to report on various events they are involved in. This report is first from Noah Bailey – Tenor 1 KHSJO and Premier Ensemble Leader. Enjoy this authentic representation of the event, as seen from someone inside the band.

This was a great gig, and everyone proved themselves, both on and off stage. Everyone helped to pack and unpack the trailer which made things easy, especially seeing as it was a hot and there was lots of people around the area we were working with. The set that we organised was fun and everything was super solid seeing, as we had very recently just lost all the year 12’s. They have now graduated and we are all getting used to the new 2020 band. On the day we played:

Sandunga which was really cooking and held together solidly. It sat well with everyone. This song featured solos from Tara Gent (Alto 2), Connor Mead (Tenor 2) and Noah Bailey (Tenor1). During the solos everybody dropped down to a suitable dynamic level so the soloist could be heard, something that we have been working on in rehearsals.

Paper Moon is a really nice song sung by Ella Fakes who nailed all the techniques and did a really good scat solo. This song also featured a solo from Noah and the whole band worked very well together in the changing of feels from Sundunga to Paper Moon.

Happy as Larakins is a chart that we have had for nearly a year now and that we played at Generations in Jazz this year. The beginning of this piece has a melody played by Alto 1 and Trumpet 2 which is repeated with Tenor 1 and Trombone 1 playing a counter melody. This was the first gig playing with the 2020 band, which meant that it was the first time Finn (Alto 1), Thomas (Trumpet 2) and PJ (Trombone 1) played the lead rolls. The rest of the song ran smoothly and sounded amazing with solos by Thomas Duff (Trumpet 2), Tara Gent (Alto 2) and Thomas Tyrell (Bari).

I Wish is a great Stevie Wonder piece that is sung by Myles Benyon. Myles nailed it and the piece sounded awesome. It featured a scat solo from Myles and a solo from Ami (Alto 2) and the pair ended up trading at the end of the solo section.

Cabin in the Corner is a great chart that has been a part of the Jazz Orchestra repertoire for over 8 years. It featured Ella Fakes with another great scat solo and big drum solo from Jesse Whyte. This song is a favourite from all the drummers as it has a nice sized solo.

Let the Good Times Roll is a newish chart that was given to us when we workshopped with Witney McCulloch, alumni 2015. The chart sits in a deep groove which the band has been working. Playing in a slow shuffle is incredibly difficult to stay in time. This featured Myles again and sounded awesome.

Mr Funkyman is quickly becoming a well-liked piece by the band because it has multiple sick melodies and involves everyone in the band. We as a group played this really well because we kept the dynamics to a good range, seeing as we were playing in a large tent. In the solo sections, we heard from both Connor Mead and Thomas Duff.

Mustang Sally is another song that has a really deep groove that we have to sit in. Featuring Myles again with another killer scat solo, this chart sounded amazing and the crowd loved it, especially some of Myles’s friends that came to see him.

Supremes has been our repertoire list for a long time and has featured, as both, an instrumental piece and a vocal number. We chose to play the instrumental version at this gig and it was a great way to finish off our set.

Overall it was a” super sick gig” and everyone enjoyed it. Another great perk from this gig was that our director Mrs Lacey received multiple complements about us and what a good job we did.

Report by Premier Ensemble Leader Noah Bailey.