KHS Wind Orchestra Visits Trackdown Recording Studios

On November 12 the Wind Orchestra had the pleasure of travelling to “Trackdown Recording Studios” in at the Entertainment Quarter, next to Fox Studios. We were accompanied by the entire music staff consisting of Mrs Fawer, Mrs Lacey and Ms Moroney.

On the day we recorded a repertoire of seven pieces including Sambendo, Impact, Woodwinds of Mass Destruction, Collections from Sing, Jersey Boys, Jitterbug and The Bare Necessities. These pieces were strategically selected by the orchestra members as well as the conductors. They were challenging and complex, and also widely enjoyed by all members.

Recording started at 9:30am and concluded at 1:00pm, with a 20min break in between. During recording, we played all the pieces once through, and then went back and played certain sections again, that needed to be touched up. These sections would then be edited into the final score,  ensuring that the music we produced was of the best quality.

Recording in a professional studio was unprecedented for us. We had never done anything like it before. Listening back to our own music was also a new and thrilling experience for many. The day was quite overwhelming and stressful at times, but all in all, a very worthwhile and unique experience. As an orchestra, we will continue to build our repertoire and reputation, as well as have fun playing amazing pieces with amazing music staff.


Mitchell Fahy, Year 12, Tuba player