Dance News

What a difference a term makes. This time last term we had just finished performing at 2 different dance festivals, complete two whole days at The Stand Tall Event and finished a full week of evening performances in our school hall showcasing the KHS musical ‘On with the Show’. I can’t believe how lucky we were to fit all of that in before our current lock down.
Elective Dance

I am beyond proud of all of our dancers for persevering and continuing to apply themselves even when things are difficult or the space is squishy and when motivation levels are low. Thank you for continuing to work hard because you are the ones who have kept me motivated and inspired over the past 10 weeks. The work you have produced online  from your living rooms, garages, kitchens, backyards and back decks has been truly creative and you have pushed yourself outside of the box (literally) to develop something you should be proud of.


HSC Dancers

A huge virtual high five to our 3 HSC Dancers, Mikaela Binns-Rorke, Marina Kato and Grace Ruskin who have made it through term 3. Term 3 should have seen the girls complete 80% of their practical HSC Dance exams back in week 4/5 but unfortunately due to the given circumstances it was firstly postponed and then canceled all together. This was definitely a very uncertain few weeks for the girls but they they kept positive and worked on their HSC pieces even though dance spaces were sometimes hard to find.  The girls were obviously very disappointed with the cancellation of their HSC practical exams as this was something they have been working so hard on for their entire HSC year. I feel very lucky and privileged to have been a part of their HSC Dance journey and to have seen their beautiful performances live in the classroom.

They not only learnt two performance works but also created a composition work with another dancer within the school. Mikaela worked with Taylor Pollard (year 11), Marina worked with Olivia Rickie (Year 9) and Grace worked with Sophie Beaumont (year 11). These composition dancers also worked very hard ​ rehearsing with their year 12 student during recess and lunch and before and after school. I want to thank them for all their efforts and for supporting and helping our HSC Dancers with their assessment. Even though you didn’t get to perform for an audience or the external markers I certainly loved seeing the works and I hope you found it a valuable experience.

Please stay safe and I can’t wait to see you back in the studio next term sometime.

Carla Cherrie – Dance Teacher – Extra Curricular Dance Coordinator.