Year 7 iPad Training

Yesterday all of Year 7 took part in iPad training to learn how to better utilise multiple apps to make an AVD. We had a highly experienced iPad specialist trainer (and ex-teacher) Steve Iuliano from The School Locker facilitate the sessions.

He quickly had the students engaged in the possibilities of enhancing their usage of the iPad as a tool for being creative and collaborative, along with demonstrating critical thinking skills. The students built skills in green screen, iMovie, over dubbing, layering images and masking to make a multiple slide AVD in Book Creator.

Amelie in 7I said “I thought the session was really good to help you produce a better project by using iMovie. I thought it was really cool when we used the green screen but it was interesting that green screens can be blue too and you can even just use a bed sheet! It was actually quite simple to use and easy to understand.”

Isabelle in 7I said “I thought that Mr Steve made the session lots of fun. He explained iMovie and Green Screen by Do Ink really well. I didn’t even know you could use green screen as an app before this! I will definitely be using this in future projects.”

After the sessions Steve commented on how well the students worked in small groups. He was quite surprised at just how advanced some our Year 7 students were in utilising the various features of their iPads.