Our night will be hosted by Kirrawee Prefects and you will also hear from the most recent Year 7 students. We will emphasise the importance of our key pillars and students finding their passion across a wide curriculum of classroom learning, student leadership and social justice, arts, sport, and languages. We are proud of a school that embraces life in all its colour and wonder!

At the heart of a school is wellbeing and from this foundation a love of learning is nurtured and fashioned. We hope to leave you with a sense that Kirrawee is bound by its inclusion, bonds of friendship, and support for those in need. There will be a preview of the uniform and we will provide a sense of the values, ethics, and purpose which embodies the spirit and identity of a Kirrawee student. Our long reputation is valued, but also re-made each and every day by the young woman and men who connect with the 53 year history of this active school community.