White Ribbon Day Assemblies 2020

November 20 this year was White Ribbon Day in Australia. Over the last week, KHS White Ribbon student ambassadors have led individual year cohort assemblies to encourage their peers to play their part in pointing their friends, their year group, their school, and their world in the right direction.

Through interactive engagement with social media campaigns, spoken word, short films, sharing real life stories from our local community, musical performances and dramatic role playing, themes of respectful communication, respectful relationships, being an upstander rather than a bystander, and their link to domestic violence were brought to the forefront in a meaningful, genuine and age appropriate way. The link was made clear that, of course, not all disrespect leads to domestic violence but that all domestic violence begins with disrespect.

As a final thought as the assemblies were concluded, all students were challenged by the KHS Class of 2020 to think beyond themselves and consider the legacy they are leaving for the generations that will follow them – a more respectful world, a safer world, a better world. That, while students only make up about 20% of Australia’s population, students are 100% of Australia’s future.

Kirrawee High School acknowledges and commends the many weeks of planning by the entire White Ribbon student ambassador team for these assemblies, in particular the assembly coordinators and contributors:

Noah Bailey Lilly Berkley
Alyssa Bishara Laura Blom
Skye Carroll Thomas Duff
Phoebe Falconer Satine Goss
Pareesa Goss Victoria Holdsworth
Toby Hummerston Charles Johnston
Amber Kelly Miley Kemp
Helen Lau PJ Lennon
Jay Louison-Roe Connor Mead
Dan Micaleff Taylor Pollard
Alana Roach Maya Rosengren
Stirling Schwartz Hayley Smith
Kieran Weatherall Ben Weaver