Wellbeing & catch up day!

On Thursday 22nd July, our normal timetable will be put on hold for wellbeing and catch up day!

During remote learning it can be difficult to stay focused, complete work and look at yourself. Staying home can lead to anxiousness and cause you to feel disconnected. You may be excelling or have possibly fallen behind with some work. You may have completed the minimum core work and not been able to attempt some of the extension activities.

In response, we have set aside Thursday 22nd July to be able to focus on your wellbeing and to catch up on some work that you may not have completed.

For Years 7-11, you will be participating in a game of wellbeing pursuit through our ‘wellbeing daily’ google classroom. You will be challenged to complete an activity from each of the 5 domains of wellbeing and upload how you have achieved this. Year 12, you are more than welcome to participate but due to the preciousness of your course time, classes will still need to occur on this day.

The aim is to complete 5 activities to gain all 5 pieces of the wellbeing pie, and spend some time further consolidating and completing school tasks that have been set this term.

Good luck, and may this day assist you to rejuvenate, reorganise, and let you get back on top of things if you are struggling!

K Scott (Deputy Principal) & J Carosi (HT Welfare)