The KHS Galaxy Cup

This month saw the inaugural match of the soon to be famous Galaxy Cup.

Whilst most tournaments rely on the best team winning, the Galaxy Cup rewards consistency and planning. The winner of the Galaxy Cup will be the winner of the most matches out of the 5 matches that each team plays. A match is only played when a team accepts a challenge from another team. Team FanTAStic accepted a challenge from the Smart Aleks and the inaugural match of the Galaxy Cup was played in Thursday 25 March 2021. A date that has now been etched into Kirrawee High School history of landmark events. The standard of the tennis being played was very high and the crowd were on the edge of their seats, cheering and egging their favourite team onwards.

Despite losing ground at the beginning of the match, the Smart Aleks seemed as though they were about to make amends after the first half but they were, in the end, convincingly closed out by more consistent play from Team FanTAStic. Team Fantastic where the definite winners but it is important to reflect on the fact that Tennis and the Galaxy Cup were also winners, being supported by good sportspersonship, high quality play, and an enthusiastic crowd.

It is also important to remember that the Galaxy Cup is not just there for the likes of Djokovic et al, but for everybody and anybody to have a go. More teams are encouraged to enter. Please advise Mr Haynes of your team name and members, and he can provide the details of other teams you can challenge.

Good Luck, and may the most cunning team win!!