SASS Recognition Week @ KHS

Friday 28 August brings to an end ‘School Administrative & Support Staff (SASS) Recognition Week’ in NSW public schools.

2020 has been an enormous year of trials and tribulations. A big shout out must go to our SASS team who have been working hard to ensure the school continues to operate as normally as possible.

Kirrawee High School is absolutely blessed with a team of dedicated SASS members brimming with expertise and a genuinely caring outlook that want the absolute best for our students, staff and our school community.

Next time you send an email or call up the school, please take the opportunity to thank them for the work they continual do for your child and their education at Kirrawee High School. We could not ask for a more competent or cohesive team of people who work in sync to produce massive support for the school.Please join with us in thanking them for the tireless efforts as the “engine room” of KHS!