Farewell Paul Dixon

After 32 years at Kirrawee High, Paul Dixon retired on the 3rd of July. Paul arrived at Kirrawee after teaching at Moorebank High in 1989. Since his arrival at Kirrawee he has been an extremely popular and successful Biology and Science teacher. Remembered by many students for the quote “Remember the Scuba Diver” about how important it is to read the question, so you answer the correct question.

His love for Biology and students always came through, enabling him to engage students of all abilities and many students talking about him as their favourite teacher. His dad jokes were appreciated, even if they were lame but motivated his students.

Coming from a country background, Paul had a love for sport and throughout his time was always volunteering to coach or support a variety of teams. During his time at Kirrawee, he coached over six different sports, including his two favourites, Australian Rules and cricket.

A big thank you to Paul for being such a great colleague and teacher.