COVID-19 Information


The latest information from the department of Education relating to COVID-19 is found at the following link:

Kirrawee High School is adopting social distancing measures to decrease the risk to students and staff. These measures change from day to day on the basis of the information. Measures that have been implemented include:



  • No shared computers. Computer use is through BYOD only
  • Representational sport has been suspended until further notice
  • Tuesday assemblies and year meetings have been suspended with time placed back into the timetable
  • Premier music ensembles have been suspended
  • Excursions have been suspended. Please note that other events will be risked assessed on a case by case basis.
  • Students are allowed to make greater use of the school site at recess and lunch, with some classrooms opened up for students.

As the situation changes daily parents/carers will be informed through Sentral Notices, the school website, Facebook posts or email.

We encourage you to speak with your child about good hygiene practices including washing hands and covering coughs. All our toilet facilities have hand soap and we encourage regular hand washing.

If a student or staff member presents as ill with respiratory symptoms (coughing) they are required to be sent home. Year 10, 11 and 12 students who are ill on the day of an assessment task must still submit an illness form with a doctors certificate. If a doctor has cleared your child to attend school please ask them to indicate this on your child’s medical certificate upon return to school.