Attendance Reminders for Term 3

With school practices beginning to return to normal, it is important to remind parents of the KHS Attendance requirements.

  • Parents are required to explain absences within 7 days of the first day of a student’s absence.
  • Whole day absences can be explained via an email, phone call, replying to the SMS, via a letter on return to school or through the parent portal.  Absences greater than 3 days will be recorded as “Unjustified” until a medical certificate or other supporting documentation is received (eg Extended leave travel form, COVID Test, Psychologist report, self isolation requirement.   Documentation can be emailed or provided on return to school when the roll will be updated to approved leave.
  • Students requesting an early leave from school must report to the Head Teacher Administration during recess or lunch.  No notes will be processed during lesson time.  The parent note must include a specific reason for the early leave request.  This will be recorded on the school attendance roll.  Please ensure the student’s full name and year are included on the note.  Notes without a specific reason will be recorded as Unjustified.  Parents please note email request will not be processed until the student reports to the office during a break (before school, recess or lunch) to collect their pass.
  • Early leave request on Sport afternoons must include an appointment card or specialist letter.  All other leave will be recorded as Unjustified on the school attendance roll.
  • Students arriving late to school must report to the front office (year 7-10) or administration office (years 11-12) to obtain a late pass to class.  Students arriving late without a parent note will be recorded as Unexplained.  Students who continually arrive late to school will be placed on detention.
  • Students requesting leave for family holidays for more than 4 days should complete an Extended Leave Travel Application.  It is preferred this is submitted prior to departure but can also be submitted within 7 days of the first day of leave.
  • Students participating or representing in elite sport or entertainment can apply for an Exemption from Attendance during a specific period.  This request must be completed at least 3 days prior to departure.
  • For both the Extended Leave Travel Application and the Exemption Application – the student will receive a certificate of extended leave/exemption to confirm this leave has been processed and approved.  If you have not received this certificate the leave has not been approved.  Please contact the office if you have not received your certificate after 1 week of submitting your request.  Parents/students can also check this leave approval via the sentral portal.