All schools rely heavily on parent/carer support and involvement if maximum opportunity, benefits and resources are to be made available to student learning. Mutual respect and cooperation underpins everything we try to achieve and an understanding by all of what we set out to achieve

When wishing to make contact, please follow our ‘who to contact’ procedures to direct your communication appropriately. Our ‘who to contact’ procedures are found here.

To promote understanding and resolve any issues we encourage parents/carers to have contact with staff, keep up-to-date with any communications, be proactive in returning any organisational information or payments, and participate in forums, surveys or personal communication in order to help evaluate and improve school systems.

Some other ways in which you might benefit by participation in the life of the school are listed below:

  1. Discussions with Staff
  2. Attending regular meetings of the Parents and Citizens’ Association
  3. Attending school information, celebratory and other special functions
  4. Volunteer help with the Uniform Shop, P&C barbecues, Music Support Group, or other activities.

We welcome enquiries about your child’s progress at all times. It is, however, essential that you telephone for an appointment first. Schools are highly regimented by timetables and the person with whom you wish to speak may not be available. We would also like to gather relevant information in relation to your enquiry.