Year 9 Literacy

Today was the beginning of the this term’s Year 9 Literacy period. Students were presented with a lesson focusing on evocative language, apostrophe usage and subject-verb relationships in sentences and the predicate. The second grammar point was an explanation about compound and complex sentences.

Today’s lesson was presented to the students by their English teachers. Next week’s lessons will be presented by their elective teachers in their literacy period (Wednesday, period 4). Thank you to all the teachers for supporting our School Literacy programs. It was very pleasing to see the students engaging in their literacy lessons as I walked into the classes.

A special mention must go to Ms Widdicombe’s English class who had all remembered to bring their device, Mr Brown’s class was a close second.

The following students are our Gold Star Literacy students of the week. They not only managed to complete all the exercises in the period, but they all scored  100% in all skill areas of vocabulary, punctuation, grammar and comprehension. What an amazing achievement!

Tahlia Andrew Patrick Beattie Lachlan Blewitt
Lara Brown Brooke Benyon Hamish Calder
Ashton Carney Kiera Collier Jade Curtis
Lachlan Button Soraya Campbell Allysha Carey
Demi Colburt Gemma Dearsley Michelle Fawer
Talia Gibson Finn Fristad Emily Duncan
Erica Giles Kaly paige Marcus Griesshaber
Lincoln Green Sam Hulbert Zara Lammers
Isabelle Maxwell Annika Legg Charlotte More
Blake Mottershead Katelyn New Felix Phillis
Joelyne Roy Elyse Scandurra Thomas Tyrrell
Lachlan Shoebridge Kealy Stansfield