Year 8 Academic Awards Semester 1

Congratulations to all the Year 8 Semester 1 Academic Award Winners.  Over 100 year 8 students were recognised for their achievement and or growth/improvement in Semester 1 subjects.

Students received an Excellence certificate for 1st in class, excellence in a subject or personal achievement in a subject.  Students who received 3 or more awards for 1st in class/excellence or personal achievement also received a Distinction Award.

Special mention to the students who received a Distinction Award for Excellence in 3 or more subjects or Personal Achievement in 3 or more subjects.  Thank you to Ms Carosi and Mr Devine (Year Advisers) and Mr Mitchell (Year 8 Deputy) for presenting awards to our Year 8 classes on Monday and Thursday of Week 10.

Thank you to our resident photographers Oliver Irvine Todd and Isaac Price for taking all the group and individual photos.



Jay Slootweg   Excellence in 6 Courses, 1st in English, Mathematics and Science, Excellence Music, PDHPE, Visual Arts

Craig Allan Excellence in 4 Courses, 1st Mathematics, Visual Arts and PDHPE Excellence Technology, Personal Achievement Music

Oscar Mirigliani Excellence in 4 Courses, 1st in Music, Excellence Japanese, PDHPE and Visual Arts

Jarrod Riekie Excellence in 4 Courses, 1st in Visual Arts, Excellence Geography, Music, Technology

Shanayah King Excellence in 3 Courses, Excellence Japanese, Science and Visual Arts

Callum Robinson 1st in Mathematics, Personal Achievement Music and Science

Nathan Pearson 1st Mathematics, Personal Achievement PDHPE

Hannah Motisi 1st in Geography

Megan Gothard Excellence Technology and Visual Arts

Holly Harris Excellence Japanese, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Blake Hartley Excellence English



Lawson Devos 1st in Mathematics and PDHPE

Thomas Baron 1st in Technology, Excellence Science

Alexandra Lake 1st in Geography, Excellence English

Sophie Milmlow 1st in Science, Excellence English

Madison Withers 1st in English, Personal Achievement Music

Mikaela Mead 1st in Music

Eliza Holdsworth 1st in Technology

Juliana Ditto 1st in Mathematics

Elias Koroneos Excellence Japanese and Science, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Kaya Ozolins Excellence Technology and Visual Arts

Tabitha Legg Excellence Japanese and Music

Tobie Lennon Excellence Japanese and Music, Personal Achievement Technology

Patrick Pike Excellence Geography, Personal Achievement Science

Tara Collier Excellence English

Bintang Hamilton-Foster Excellence PDHPE

Ruby Hart Excellence PDHPE

Kirra Hodge Personal Achievement Science and Visual Arts

James Carey Personal Achievement Music


Amelie Humphries Excellence in 5 Courses 1st in English, Mathematics, Technology and Music, Excellence Science

Madelyn Price Excellence in 4 Courses, 1st in Visual Arts, Excellence Music, PDHPE and Technology

Lauren Gray Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in Technology, Excellence English and French

Kynan Di Cesare Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in History, Excellence Music and Technology

Ella Batman 1st in Visual Arts, Excellence Technology

Molly Fitzpatrick 1st in PDHPE, Excellence English, Personal Achievement Music

Lily Smith 1st in Visual Arts

Tori Katsinas 1st in Visual Arts

Laura Hayes Excellence Science and Technology, Personal Achievement PDHPE and Visual Arts

Cameron Sewell Excellence History, Personal Achievement English

Caitlyn Whitbread Excellence Visual Arts, Personal Achievement PDHPE

Jai Camfield Excellence Science

Dayne Foley Excellence PDHPE

Keila Muslic Excellence Visual Arts

Lily Payne Excellence Visual Arts

Sylvie Petitcuenot Excellence French

Olivia Rickie Excellence Visual Arts

Isabelle Abbott Personal Achievement Music

Christian Butler Personal Achievement French

Taj Hanna Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Lucy Hrouda Personal Achievement French



Margarita Pavlenko Excellence in 5 Courses 1st in Visual Arts, Excellence in English, History, Japanese, Technology

Samuel Saszczak Excellence in 5  Courses 1st in History, Excellence English, Music, PDHPE and Visual Arts

Lachlan Gatherer Excellence in 3 Courses 1st in PDHPE and Technology, Excellence Japanese, Personal Achievement in Mathematics and Science

Ben Harrison Excellence in 3 Courses 1st in English and Technology, Excellence Science

Madie Doyle Personal Achievement in 3 Courses, Personal Achievement Mathematics, Science and Visual Arts

Liam Grant 1st in Mathematics, Personal Achievement Music and Science

Ben Rossiter 1st in Music, Excellence Science, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Jada Kirby 1st in Visual Arts, Excellence PDHPE

Madison Hall 1st in Visual Arts

Jayda Thomas 1st in History

Ashton Simpson Excellence History,Personal Achievement  Visual Arts

Ally Carter Excellence Science

Patrick Shaw Excellence Japanese

Ilia Takuev Excellence Music

Sally Betts Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Joshua Scandurra Personal Achievement Music



Layla Etherington Excellence in 6 Courses, 1st in English, Music and Visual Arts, Excellence French, Geography and Science, Personal Achievement in Mathematics

Zoe Elcombe Excellence in 5 Courses, 1st in Mathematics and Science, Excellence in French, Music and Visual Arts, Personal Achievement in 3 Courses, Personal Achievement in English, Mathematics, PDHPE

Ethan Taylor Excellence in 4 Courses, 1st in PDHPE and Technology, Excellence in English and Music, Personal Achievement French

Taj Bennett Excellence in PDHPE and Science, Personal Achievement in 3 Courses, Personal Growth in English, Geography, Mathematics, Music

Ashlyn Lloyd 1st in English and Technology

Ashton Lumsden 1st in Mathematics, Excellence in PDHPE, Personal Achievement in Mathematics and Visual Arts

Jack Dhanda 1st in Geography, Personal Achievement in French and Music

Max Fernandez 1st in Mathematics, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Kyesha Bush 1st in Visual Arts

Juliana Dos Santos Excellence in English and Visual Arts

Imogen Howard Excellence in Technology, Personal Achievement in Geography

Will Hutcheon Excellence in Visual Arts

Asher Rodway Excellence in Technology

Samara Zegenhagen Excellence in Visual Arts

Daisy Grandfield Personal Achievement PDHPE

Jasper Appleby Personal Achievement in Mathematics

Ryan Kim Personal Achievement Mathematics



Jason Bean Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in Music, Excellence Geography and Visual Arts

Ben Lawless Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in PDHPE, Excellence Technology and Visual Arts

Jordan Somerfield Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in Science, Excellence Music and Visual Arts

Phoebe Wilshaw 1st in Science, Excellence French, Personal Achievement Music and PDHPE

Riley O’Neill 1st in Technology, Excellence Science and Visual Arts, Personal Achievement French and PDHPE

Adnan Paisawala 1st in Mathematics,  Personal Achievement in Music

Lara Verrall 1st in Geography

Halle Johnson Excellence French and PDHPE

Cohen Hodgson Excellence French

Jade Mackintosh Excellence Science and Visual Arts

Phoenix Wiggins-Payne Excellence PDHPE

Leo Caruso Excellence Music

Indiana Fielder Excellence Technology

Chloe Allen Personal Achievement in French

Zayne Giles Personal Achievement in Mathematics



Kischa Ajanovic Excellence in 5 Courses, 1st in History, Mathematics, Music, Technology, Excellence Japanese

Piper Rowan Excellence in 5 Courses 1st in History and Mathematics, Excellence English, Music, Science

Mia Clements Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in English and Visual Arts, Excellence History, Personal Achievement Music

Keiran Schydlo Excellence in 3 Courses, 1st in Science, Excellence History and Japanese, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Christine Fink 1st in Japanese and Mathematics

Jackawan Newlands 1st in Technology, Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Isabella Hunt 1st in PDHPE

Tegan Sandilands Excellence Music and PDHPE

Alexander Alsaidi Excellence Visual Arts, Personal Achievement Science

Aedan Byrne Excellence PDHPE

Ebony Gifford Excellence English

Thomas McAfee Excellence Visual Arts

Kayne Harris Personal Achievement English and Music

Zach Zimmer Personal Achievement Visual Arts

Hannah Barlow Personal Achievement Science

Harley Derwent Personal Achievement English