Year 12 Biology Genetics Excursion


On the 9th of June 2021 Year 12 Biology Students attended a Kickstart workshop at Sydney University, Faculty of Science. The workshop focused on the Heredity module from the Stage 6 Biology Syllabus. This hands-on workshop allowed students to learn about a complex area of the course in an engaging and digestible format. Students had access to a wide range of instruments and resources from the Sydney University modern teaching laboratories and knowledgeable demonstrators, all of whom had just finished their PHD or were working on the final stages of their research. ​

In this workshop, students learned about an inherited disease – Sickle cell anaemia and its genetic cause- single-nucleotide polymorphisms. Their job was to determine whether a child has inherited the disease and to discuss in small groups the steps and experiments that would be needed to answer this question in practice working as a geneticist.



Students performed the following hands-on activities:

  • DNA extraction
  • Lego-based Polymerase Chain Reaction activity
  • Paper-based restriction restriction enzyme digest
  • Gel electrophoresis.

Here are some pictures of the students engaged in the workshop.

Thanks to Lynn Furniss and Sharlene Patmore for organising this fabulous opportunity for our three Yr 12 Biology classes.