Wet N Wild – Year 10 Mathematics

The 3 pillars of the Stage 5 Mathematics syllabus (Number & Algebra, Measurement & Geometry, Statistics & Probability) were all up for grabs as Year 10 students were charged with the challenge of experiencing the Wet N Wild water park as mathematicians in the real world.

They were asked to run the financial numbers of the admission prices, calculate the land area and water volumes needs for the wave pool and the slides, appreciate the supreme geometric beauty of the SkyCoaster and T5 slide, calculate the trigonometry required to return the rafts from the pools to the top of towers, and feel the rush of their speed generated as they raced each other on the H2Go slides. Into the senior mathematics courses, students began discovering the many safety calculations required to maximise enjoyment as well as keep everyone safe, and appreciate the constant parabolic locus of the Bombara rafts.

The Mathematics itself made it a wonderful day out. But to really complete the day, our Year 10 students represented their school with distinction with the way they behaved and interacted with other schools and the general public. Looking forward to our return trip to Wet N Wild in 2020.