The Ideas, Techiques and Inspiration of Creative Writing

HSC courses are many and varied; they are however designed to suit a range of learners and capacities. Even so, when students select extension courses they will be working at very high levels, the conceptual and creative stretching cognitive resources. This challenge reaches its peak with Extension 2 courses in English and Mathematics.

Extension 2 English is not for the feint hearted, but it most certainly gives students the opportunity to find their creative voice. Short stories, poetry, and film making are all possible project options. As with all creativity, there is no one or ‘right’ answer. The divergent thinking required calls upon unusual or unique connections between ideas.

To support our students at these challlenging levels there are additional experiences provided to spark ideas and suggest the heuristics that help lead students to their unique ‘solution’. It was a joy this week to observe a workshop with Lucy Kenehan, herself a nominated Extension 2 English student. Our students talked about their ideas and their approach to their stories. Lucy was able to suggest different perspectives that might guide their work. Learning at this level is often about teasing out ideas and provoking new thoughts in a somewhat Socratic manner. Ms Farmer added to the counterpoint, leaving open areas that may support a student’s story.These students were okay with the sometimes incomplete and messy world of creativity.

We look forward to seeing these lmajorvworks develop over the next 9 months, knowing that the experience will inevitably transform their minds forever. Thank you to Lucy for taking tome out of her Iniversity schedule to share her expertise with our students.