Textiles and Fashion Immersion Day

On Friday, senior Textiles and Design students went on an excursion to the city for a Textiles and fashion immersion day.

We visited The Muse at Sydney TAFE to see Texstyle – an exhibition of the best 2019 HSC Textiles and Design major textile projects. Year 11 students were involved in a seminar where they learnt about the requirements for their own MTP for their HSC year. Projects on display included Dior inspired gowns, tailored suits, costumes, wall hangings and fabric interactive books. We then listened to a brief talk by Fashion Design Studio, Sydney TAFE about their bachelor degrees and short courses in Fashion and costume design.

Next we visited Orana College where we were shown around their small campus and chatted about studies in fashion business. These industry contacts help to give students that are interested in fashion an insight into post school options available. Finally, we stopped by MAAS Powerhouse museum to visit Shape – an exhibition of exemplary HSC works in Textiles and Design. Here we took many photos and were inspired by the beautiful major works. Prelim students also got to see the Jenny Kee/Linda Jackson – Step Into Paradise exhibition which is still on display. All students left freshly inspired to continue their projects with best practice techniques in mind to maximise their potential in the HSC.

Mrs Kim Adelerhof