Teacher Training in Utilising ICT

Last night teachers took part in a 3 hour training session to enhance their ability to utilise ICT for student learning.  Where all staff took part in rotating sessions, working with a variety of software. The focus of the learning was on how to promote creative and collaborative work between students and support them to demonstrate communication and critical thinking skills.

For one session we had highly experienced iPad specialist trainer Steve Iuliano from The School Locker. His breadth of knowledge on all things iPad was impressive! He took teachers through how to construct workflows for students, utilising the apps that the Year 7 cohort had working on earlier in the day. By leveraging his real-life experience as a high school teacher, he was able to connect ICT skills with how teachers can support student learning in the classroom. A key app was Book Creator to enable staff to provide feedback to students via annotations or voice recordings on their AVDs.

In another session staff worked on how to use StileApp to create activities in an on-line environment. Science staff member Daniel Dempsey led the session and supported his colleagues to understand how to develop self-paced units of work. The final session was on light board – a glass and LED light version of a whiteboard. Our amazing GA Brooksy built the light board and set up the filming room. English teacher Emma Farmer led the session for staff. The light board will allow teachers to continue to build skills in using the flipped classroom method that we have been working on over the last 2 years. All faculties were excited about the possibilities for more effective teaching of skills and concepts, particularly our Maths and TAS faculties.