TAS – Student for the month of May

TAS Student(s) of the Month for May – Will Newton (Timber) and Harrison Park (Timber) Year 9
Congratulations to these students for their hard work, not only in timber, but in other TAS subjects that they have chosen as their electives.
I was inundated with nominations for the month of May!
Mika Faas (Tech Mand) Rose Andrews (CAFS) Amelia Woods (Tech Mand) Rhys Appleby (Software)
Bryn Christie (Tech Mand) Michael Rust (Multimedia) Angus Wilson (Software) Mia Kent (Food Tech)
Melissa Dodd (Food Tech) Jackawan Newlands (iStem) Will Newton (Timber) Harrison Park (Timber)
Laura Hayes (Textiles) Ella Batman (Textiles) Sinead Lloyd (Food Tech) Antonio Beaupark (Tech Mand)
Lily Payne (Food Tech) Summer Wiggins-Payne (CAFS) Ava Harbrow (Food Tech) Amadou Diallo (CAFS)
Zali Shobrook (Tech Mand) Lola Faas (Tech Mand) Grace Powell-Vandermaal (Tech Mand) Tallie Etherington (Tech Mand)
Alexandra Mckenzie (Tech Mand) Tahlia Andrew (Food Tech) Dylan Phillips (Multimedia)