Sole Lesson with Year 9 Geography

Students were challenged with the question ‘IS URBANISATION POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE’ today in Geography. Students were asked to present solutions to this open ended questions and come up with an engaging strategy to present to their peers that was convincing, but informative and research driven.

This continues our story as a school in engaging and challenging our students to communicate with their peers, an important skill needed for future workplaces.

The lesson revolved around key ideas such as

  • Students need to form groups of about 4
  • Children choose their own groups
  • They can change groups at any time
  • Children can look to see what other groups are doing and take that information back to their own group
  • They should be ready to present their answers back to the class at the end of the session

Mr Sassine was impressed with the intelligence and passion of his Year 9 Geography class in regards to a wide range of global issues.

Well done Year 9.